Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back to school

Well, it's that time of year again... back to school! I start school this Wednesday. Luckily, Paige and I are in the same class again. Our teacher's name is Mrs. McKee. My cousin had her for class last year, and said she is a strict teacher. But Paige's mom says she is very nice. There will never be a teacher as cool as Mr. Reese, but I'll give Mrs. McKee a chance. I went school shopping with mom last week, and got some new clothes and school supplies. I got Phineas and Ferb pencils, since that's my favorite cartoon. I'm gonna use the pencil with Agent P. on it for tests, as my lucky pencil, since Perry is my favorite character. This is the first year we'll have lockers, too. I hope I don't forget my combination! What are you doing to get ready for back to school?



  1. Oooohhhh love buying new school items, it is so fun to open up a pack of paper or pencils and just smell that 'new' scent. I think my all time favorite are the crayons, other than I got the twist ups this time so it is not the same.

    Miss You,
    Tirya & Family

  2. We mostly home school. My sister hate not needing to go school shopping every fall. We take our tests on the computer. Your school might be more fun in some ways. Hope to hear lots of school stories.

    A New Friend