Saturday, June 18, 2011

School's out forever!

Well, just until September, anyway... but I'm still psyched!

Monday is the first official day of Summer vacation. We had a half-day yesterday, which is always welcome in my book. We had a class picnic in the park to celebrate the end of the year. It was a lot of fun. And the weather was perfect- not too hot or cold, with big fluffy clouds in a blue, blue sky.

We didn't even have to bring a bagged lunch from home! The cafeteria ladies made us a picnic lunch. Mrs. Applebaum brought picnic blankets for us to spread in the grass. I shared a blanket with Paige, Lanie, Beth, and this boy named Mason (who I sort of have a crush on). We had hot dogs, potato chips in those little individual bags, macaroni salad, juice boxes, and for dessert we had cupcakes. It was great! Ms. Gillis's class was picnicking on the other side of the park. Ms. Gillis is the other fifth grade teacher. Some of my friends are in her class, like Sunny, Rebecca, and Gwen. We waved to each other from where we were eating. Mason ate three hot dogs! Paige couldn't believe her eyes, but Mason has been to my house for dinner, so I wasn't too surprised.

After we ate, we could go play with Ms. Gillis's class. We played on the playground for a while. Paige and I mostly swung on the swings. Sunny and Rebecca introduced us to a new girl in their class. She's from Hawaii! Her name is Kanani. She has super long hair to her knees! I've never seen hair that long in my life. She and Lanie really hit it off. I think they will be good friends.

After playing for a while, Mrs. Applebaum and Ms. Gillis brought out big pans of bubble solution and lots of flyswatters, and showed us how to make lots of bubbles with them, but dipping the flyswatter in the soap. You wave the flyswatter around in front of you, and you get tons of shiny bubbles. It was a blast! The new girl, Kanani, looked almost like a fairy princess, waving her bubble wand, with her long hair flying around. For a present, the teachers gave everyone a regular sized bottle of bubbles. My bottle was green. After that, it was time to go back to school and get ready to go home. I almost didn't want to leave. It was a perfect day.

But, it's now Summer vacation! Summer vacation is like a picnic every day! This year was one for the record books- my best friend, Paige, moved here, I was in my first piano recital, and my end of the year report card was pretty good. But now that it's over, I just have to say...

...Welcome, Summer!



  1. Yay for summer vacation! I love picnics and your class party sounded like a lot of fun!


  2. i have that wardrobe that is behind frankie too!