Monday, August 29, 2011

My brother, the college man

Today we dropped my brother Brad off at college. We have been helping him pack for weeks, but the day didn't seem like it would ever really get here. We loaded everything in the mini-van today (yes, we have a mini-van... LOL), and drove him up. Mom insisted we walk him to his dorm, and he protested at first, but finally agreed. So, when we got there, we set his bags down, and said our "goodbye for now's." It was sort of hard. My mom was kind of weepy, even though Brad can come home to visit often. Brad is the oldest kid in our family. I guess that's why it's so hard for her. Brad has always been sort of bossy, but he is my big brother, and I love him. The truth is, I will miss having him around all the time. Thinking about this, I sort of got a lump in my throat, and my eyes stung. I started to cry, and Brad scooped me up right off the floor and hugged me.

He said; "I'm gonna miss you, kiddo."

I said; "I'll miss you too Brad."

Just then, Brad's new roommate came into the room. He was a big guy, and seemed friendly. He slapped Brad on the back.

"Hey, Dude." He said. "Tearful family send-off. Classic."

I rolled my eyes. Brad's roommate introduced himself as Ned. I think Brad is going to have an interesting college experience with this guy around.

We helped Brad get settled in a bit, then it was time to leave, minus one brother. Sigh... it's the end of an era. I know that we'll always be a family, Brad included, but things will be different without him around all the time.

As we were walking through the parking lot, I took Charlie's hand. I'm glad I still have one big brother in the house. We started talking and joking, planning the goofy care packages we can send to Brad, now that he's a college man. Charlie also promised he'd teach me how to video-chat with Brad. I have to admit, we planned some projects I'm really looking forward to. Life is full of changes. I guess whether they are good or bad depends on how you look at them sometimes.


P.S.- Have you missed Emily and my posts on the Paranormal Doll Club blog ( Have no fear (non pun intended). We'll be posting again beginning in September.


  1. I know it must be hard to see your brother leave. I have a big brother I'm really close to... it'll be pretty hard for me when he goes off to college. But this will be a great new experience for him. And at least he'll be able to visit. How far away is his school?

  2. Oh that had to be a little sad for sure .. it is hard when family leaves and specially when it is that big of a change .. at least you know he will always be your big brother .. and he will come home for visits with you .. but it will never be the same will it ..

    Hope you and Charlie can make some fun out of Brad leaving by sending him fun care packages .. enjoy the wonder of it all ..


  3. Yes, life is full of changes; the good thing is that we are always allowed to adjust to the, I just sounded like my boring human! *giggles* I'm SO happy that Charlie will teach you how to video-chat with Brad! You guys are going to have so much fun doing it!