Thursday, September 8, 2011

First day of school!

Yesterday was my first day of school! I got up at 6:30 in the morning, and put on one of my new outfits. My new sneakers felt all stiff and weird and new. I combed my hair neatly, and put on my headband that matches my new shirt. I had butterflies in my stomach, thinking about the day ahead, but felt a little better when I saw that my mom made waffles for breakfast! What a great start to the day. My brother Charlie was already eating when I came downstairs. When it was time to leave, I grabbed my backpack, and kissed my mom goodbye. I met Paige and her mom outside, since I always ride to school with them. Paige was wearing new clothes too. She was wearing a pretty corduroy jumper. Paige's mom pulled out of the driveway, and we were off. Summer vacation was officially over.

When we got to the school, we walked with Paige's mom to her classroom. She's the music teacher. The room was neat and organized. The musical instruments were all lined up, and the desktop was pristine. It seemed a little unfamiliar, but I know that soon, the walls will be covered with posters of instruments and composers, drawing and cards from students, and reminders on sticky notes. The desk will be littered with paperwork, lunch menus, and sheet music. Organized chaos. Oh! And the room will be filled with music and laughter. Paige's mom took a deep breath, and said she's so glad to be back at school.

We left for class just before the first bell rang. Paige's mom hugged us, and we headed to Mr. Reese's classroom. I felt pretty happy, even though I was nervous. I'm glad Paige is in my class. It's great to be in the same class as your best friend. I wondered who else would be in our class this year. We found Mr. Reese's room easily. It's at the end of a hall, near a large, sunny window. Mr. Reese's classroom is big, and cheerful. Mr. Reese was at the board, writing our class schedule. There were a few other kids in the room. Mr. Reese turned away from the board and greeted us. He looked friendly and smart. When I saw his face closer, I couldn't believe my eyes. He looks almost exactly like Booth from Bones! Bones is my favorite TV show...

He said; Welcome to class, girls. This is going to be a great year! Just tell me your names, and I'll mark you on the attendance list."

I answered first; "Francesca Schafer."

Mr. Reese made a check by my name. He said he was glad to have me in class. He asked me if I have a nickname I prefer to be called by.

"Everyone just calls me Frankie." I replied.

Then Paige told him her name.

"Oh." He said. "You must be Ms. Shepherd's daughter. She's such a nice lady, and I hear she's an excellent music teacher. Welcome to class, Paige!"

Paige looked at her shoes. She was blushing. Mr. Reese told us to take a seat wherever we wanted. He doesn't assign seats. Paige and I took two desks next to each other, near the front of the room. More kids filed in, including Mason, my last year's crush, and Kanani, that new girl from Hawaii. Her long, long hair was braided into two thick braids. She sat behind Paige and I. When she sat, the ends of her braids hung below the seat of her chair! I've been hoping to get to know Kanani better. She seems really cool. Maybe we'll become friends this year?

So, the day went on smoothly. I think Mr. Reese will be a really fun teacher. He tells silly jokes, and he has all kinds of fun projects planned. He said we might even get a class pet, like a guinea pig or something. I think this is going to be one of my best school years yet!



  1. Your teacher sounds awesome, Frankie! And hot! lol. I love having a friend in class, too, it makes each day much nicer. I love reading your blog posts, I can always visualize everything you write. Take care!


  2. I'm glad your first day went well! I have to agree that your teacher must be nice and very cute! Booth/Angel is adorable! It's awesome that you have Paige in your class. It always makes it better when you have a friend with you. I'm really glad Keisha and I have class together!

  3. Wooooo Hooooo .. it would be hard to get anything done in class if you had Booth for a teacher. Could not concentrate, but he sounds like a really neat teacher so far. Glad that you got someone that you are going to enjoy and that Paige is in your same class.

    Have fun this year,