Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Best Christmas

Hey, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful holiday! I had a great Christmas. The Christmas pageant went really well. I didn't mess up my lines or anything. Kanani froze at the beginning. I felt bad for her, but she still did good. Beth was the shining star of the pageant, though. Her solo was good! She brought the house down. Her sister gave her roses after the play. I was so happy for Beth. She was really unhappy at first, that she didn't get her usual role, but she rocked the part she got!

Christmas Eve and Christmas morning were fun. My cousin, and my Aunt and Uncle came to visit. I was happy to see my cousin again. She's a little bit older than me. I like her because she's not just a relative, but also a friend. My Grandparents came over too. Santa was good to me this year. I got almost everything on my list. My Christmas was just the same as every other one, and that's the way I like it. To me, our family Christmas is like slipping into cozy, worn-in sneakers after wearing new shoes all year. Comfortable and familiar. I hope it never changes.

My Christmas may not have changed much this year, but Paige's did. Paige's mom is still dating Bill (AKA Mr. Reese), and he celebrated Christmas with them this year. On Christmas day, I saw him come over to their house. He was carrying a big stack of presents. He had a Santa hat on. I was so anxious to see Paige, and find out all the details, but my mom didn't want me to call Paige or go to her house, because it was a holiday and all. So, I had to wait until the day after Christmas to see my friend.

I finally got to see Paige yesterday. We went sledding yesterday morning, on the hill in her backyard. We trudged up the big hill, and went flying down in my two-person sled. After we went down the hill the fifth time, we were laughing so hard, because the sled hit a bump, and we rolled off, into the snow. We decided to take a break and make snow angels. We started talking about what we got for Christmas. We both got a Lalaloopsy doll, which we both really wanted. Paige said her mom also gave her a purple mp3 player (lucky duck!), and some other things. She said Bill gave her mom earrings and some accessories for her guitar. I asked Paige what Bill gave her for Christmas. He gave her a boxed set of the Chronicles of Narnia books, and a journal. I think Paige is starting to accept Bill. She said Christmas was so much fun this year, because of him. He helped her assemble her gifts, and they watched A Christmas Story. In fact, she said this was the best Christmas she's ever had!



  1. Sounds like you had a great Christmas .. So did I .. I was home with all my family and it was great. I miss you tons though, it would have been fun to share Christmas with you.

    I am glad that Paige is accepting Bill into the family and enjoying him some too. Taryn says to tell her hello when you see her next.

    I love you my friend,

  2. What a great Christmas! I'm glad Paige had fun as well.


  3. Salut, Frankie!
    It sounds like you and Paige had a wonderful Christmas! Thanks for sharing with us!