Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hello and Goodbye

Hi everyone!
I haven't written in a while. Things have been crazy around here. For one thing, Mischa and Alexis's family moved closer to us. Now I will get to see them more often, even though they don't live super close. My family helped them move, so we've been pretty busy. The twins' family used to travel a lot, and Mischa and Alexis and their siblings were home-schooled, but now, they are going to go to private school after the January break. So, the downside is, they won't go to the same school as me. But I am happy that we will get to spend more time together. That's the "Hello" part of this post's title.

The "Goodbye" part is that Beth is moving. Beth's parents want to be closer to her sister, who is in college. But this isn't the end of our friendship, of course. We can still talk all the time! I'm still going to miss her, though. I asked her what she was going to do with Bailey, her horse, when they move. They are taking Bailey with them! She gets to ride in her own little horsey trailer. I'm going to miss Bailey. She's such a beautiful horse. We have a horse, Carmel, but she's not like Bailey. Carmel is my mom's horse. She's pretty old and doesn't move very fast anymore (Carmel, not my mom LOL), so little kids ride her when they visit the farm, because she's so gentle. I learned to ride on Carmel when I was little, too. I like our horse, and mom adores her, but sometimes, I secretly wish I had a fast, playful horse like Bailey. Then, I feel bad for thinking that, because Carmel is like part of the family. I wonder if Carmel will miss Bailey too? They were best friends (at least, I think they were).



  1. I am so sorry that Beth is moving away from you .. it must be very hard to lose your friend, I know it was for us when we moved away from our cousins .. it was hard to have them there to play with and then be so far away.

    But it is good that Mischa and Alexis's family moved closer, it will be so fun to be able to see them more. So you have some good with your bad too .. that is a good thing ..


  2. Hey Frankie,

    I'm sorry about Beth moving away, and that she's taking Bailey with her. It's always difficult to lose a friend.

    But look at the bright side, you have Carmel (I don't even have a horse, lol) and Mischa and Alexis are moving closer to you! So you'll be able to spend more time with them! That's great news :D


  3. Salut, Frankie!
    I'm sorry to hear that Beth is moving. I have a friend who moved to Lille from Nice, and I could tell that the move was hard for her. Coming to school in the States was somewhat hard for me at first.
    It's good that Mischa and Alexis will be moving closer. Maybe you can invite them over sometime soon?
    Bisous et bonne chance,

  4. Sorry to hear that Beth is moving away. It's never fun to have friends move away, but at least you know you'll still be friends. That's nice that Mischa and Alexis are closer now, though.

    And it's nice that you have a horse like Carmel. She may not be fast, but she sounds gentle, sweet, and friendly. My friend Nicki has a horse but she doesn't get to see him often because he's stabled away from her house.

  5. Hi Frankie,

    When I was little we had a horse like your Carmel. Me and three of my siblings learned to ride on him. He was seriously the ugliest horse, but had the best personality ever.

    That's sad that Beth is moving away. I've always been the friend that moves away myself. I know Beth will enjoy the new adventure and meeting new friends.