Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Paige!

Today is my best friend, Paige's birthday! We have been planning the party, which was today, for a few weeks. Paige wanted a polka dot themed party, so her mom got polka dot printed paper plates, napkins, and balloons. Paige and I also made polka dot garlands, by stringing colorful pompom balls on long pieces of thread. We hung them around the dining room yesterday, and they looked really cute.

So, today was party day. Mom was also going to her friend's baby shower. She was leaving for the shower the same time I was leaving for the party. Paige's present and the baby gift were on the kitchen table. I grabbed Paige's present and left. I felt so excited, because I knew she would love her gift. I got her a Hello Kitty purse!

Since I only live next door, I was the first one at the party. The other guests started arriving not long after. Lanie, Beth, Rebecca, and Sunny came. Six girls total. We played Twister, and Sunny won. Then it was time to eat. We sang "Happy Birthday" to Paige. Then we had pepperoni pizza after that. We also got goody bags, that had bead kits, mini journals, colorful pens, and lots of stickers in them. Then it was time for cake and ice cream. Paige's mom doesn't let Paige have a lot of sugar, so she decided to get cake pops for the party, instead of a big cake. I guess cake pops are the newest craze, but I've never had one until today. Now I am officially obsessed with them! They were so good. Cake pops are little balls of cake on a stick, like a lollipop. Paige wanted the cake pops to have blue and purple coating (her favorite colors), with yellow cake. The neat thing is, the cake pops also kind of matched the polka dot theme!

Then, it was time for Paige to open her gifts. First, she opened her presents from her mom and Bill. They got her some clothes for her American Girl doll, Julie. Then, she opened Lanie's present, which was an art kit. Then, she opened Beth's gift, earrings. Then she opened Rebecca's gift, a sweater. Then she opened Sunny's gift, which was a stuffed cat that looks like Paige's cat, Jade. She loved everything she got. Then, it was time for her to open my gift. I could hardly sit still waiting for her to open it, because I knew she would love it. She tore open the shiny blue wrapping paper slowly. Then, she opened the box and held up the gift. It was a rattle! The kind babies play with! I realized then, that I had grabbed the wrong gift on my way out of the house. They both had the same wrapping paper. This rattle was supposed to be for the baby shower! I turned beet red. So did Paige. Everyone laughed, and Paige shoved the rattle back into the box. My ears burned with embarrassment. I gave my best friend a baby toy for her 11th birthday! And I knew that at the baby shower, mom's friend was opening Paige's Hello Kitty purse. The baby is a boy.

I explained the mix-up, but our friends had a good time teasing me about the rattle after that, anyway. It was the most mortifying moment of my life (so far). Then, the party finally ended, and everyone went home. I told Paige I was sorry about giving her a baby toy and embarrassing her at her party. She said it was okay, because at least she'd never forget her 11th birthday. A few minutes later, I saw mom pull in the driveway from out the window. She was home from the shower! I told Paige I'd be right back, and I grabbed the rattle and ran over to my house. Mom was waiting for me by her car, with Paige's real present. We traded gifts, and I ran back to Paige's house. I gave her the box, and she opened it. There was the Hello Kitty purse. Paige loved it, just like I hoped she would. And I was so happy to give it to her. The gift Paige opened at the party may not have been the perfect gift I planned on bringing, but it definitely made an impression. Sometimes, when you try to give someone a "perfect gift," it doesn't turn out the way you expected. But it's time like that when you remember that it really is the thought that counts.

Happy Birthday, Paige!


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  1. Oh that would be embarrassing, but at least you are good friends and will be able to laugh for years over your mix up .. lol

    Otherwise it sounds like the whole party was a great success and you were all having a great time.