Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random acts of kindness

Hey everyone!
I am just bursting with exciting news today! *bursts* :)
My new friend Hannah has been telling me about a neat hobby she has; performing random acts of kindness! This means doing nice or helpful things for people (sometimes without them even knowing), just because you want to. She says when she does something nice for people, it's like having a fun secret. And it just makes her feel happy. She does things like helping her neighbor carry her groceries, letting someone ahead of her in a line, or just asking someone about their day. Things like that. It's easy! She gave me the idea to try doing random acts of kindness too! We even came up with a list of easy things to do:

1. Pick up litter and throw it away.

2. Donate unwanted books to your library (ask your parents first).

3. Hold a door open for someone.

4. Make a card for someone you know, to cheer them up.

5. Say "thank you" to your teacher for his/her hard work.

6. Compliment a friend's outfit.

7. Buy a bag of pet food and donate it to an animal shelter (again, ask your parents first).

8. Invite someone new to sit with you at lunch.

9. Ask younger siblings to play.

10. Just smile at someone!

The thing about kindness is that it's contagious. If you do something nice for someone, chances are, they'll find themselves doing something nice for someone else. Then that person will do something nice for someone else, then that person will... well, you get the idea.

Do you have any other ideas for what someone can do to brighten another person's day? Feel free to share it!



  1. Hi Frankie! :-)

    What great ideas!

    A couple of things our family does:

    Pick up an extra item to donate to the food bank when we shop for groceries.

    Shop at the Salvation Army thrift store sometimes instead of buying everything new; the money they make with the store goes back into the organization to fund their charitable projects, plus reusing things is better for the environment.

    Go visit an elderly neighbour.

    Offer to do a family member's chore for her when she's having a bad day or needs a break.

    Thanks for sharing your great ideas, Frankie! It's great to help. :-)


  2. Salut, Frankie!
    I offered to help Lilly with her algebra homework, and she understands it now. I felt great, especially since she struggles with math/doesn't really care, so she doesn't ask for help too often.
    Great suggestions!

  3. I love these ideas, great things for people to do .. we like doing fun things too. When Mama was working and had a full time job she loved to buy things for people and have them delivered and not tell them who it was from. They would just get something to cheer them up.

    Mama loves to now just send a card that says Hello and I love you to good friends or find some way to make them laugh .. it is a lot of fun to do things for others ..


  4. Frankie, you won a pair of socks in our contest, I will be sending them out to you soon .. love you, Tirya

  5. Thank you!
    You just made my day, Tirya! I can't wait to see them.