Sunday, March 18, 2012

So many ghost stories, so little time!

Hey everyone!
Now that it's Spring Break, and the weather is warming up, I've been pursuing one of my favorite hobbies: reading ghost stories! I read ghost stories throughout my Spring and Summer breaks every year. So, I've already started a good sized pile of my tried and true favorites. At the moment, I'm re-reading Deep and Dark and Dangerous, by Mary Downing Hahn. It's a very eerie story, and it's very exciting. Although I've read it before, I like the story just as much as ever. I love all of Hahn's books that I've read so far, but my personal favorite has been Wait Till Helen Comes.

After I finish Deep and Dark and Dangerous, I'm going to start on my stash of Betty Ren Wright books. I have quite a collection of those. You may have heard of some of her more well-known books, like
Christina's Ghost and The Dollhouse Murders, but Wright has also written many other great ghost stories, like Out of the Dark and A Ghost In the House. Her stories are great at capturing the feeling of carefree Summer days, as well as mystery and suspense. After I finish reading my personal collection of favorite ghost stories, I am going to check out the library, and maybe discover some new favorites!

What kind of books do you like to read best?

Happy Reading!



  1. Thanks for the recommendations, Frankie! I've read some of those, but not all of them... and I do love a good scary story!

    Have you ever read the story collections by Alvin Schwartz? (I'm sure you have.) Some of the stories are about ghosts and some aren't, but they're all creepy - and the illustrations are creepy, too!


    1. Bree,
      I have read Alvin Schwartz's stories! I love them. My favorite story is the one about the two farmers who make a scarecrow doll that comes to life. I think it's called "Harold." The illustrations are so spooky!


  2. We love Ghost stories too .. we have not read all of the ones that you have listed so we will have to go check them out at our library.

    I, Taryn usually ready more mysteries than actual ghost stories. I love patricia cornwell .. and .. nevada barr .. they are two of my favorites.


  3. Hi Frankie,

    I've been reading the "Artemis Fowl" series. I just finished the fourth book. Not really scary, but it does have mythical creatures in them like fairies, centaurs, and goblins.