Friday, October 14, 2011

Birthday Girl!

Hey everyone!
Yesterday was my birthday! It was really fun. I brought chocolate cupcakes with orange frosting to school, to share with my class. Everyone liked them! (my mom is an excellent cook, so everyone in my class looks forward to my birthday!).

Then, after school, I saw a familiar car in the driveway. My brother Brad was there! He came home to celebrate my birthday. He gave me a hug. I was so glad to see him. I haven't seen him in person in a while. All of my friends who live nearby came to my party (Paige, Beth, Sunny, Rebecca, Kit, Lanie, Mischa, Alexis, and Kanani). This is me at my party:

I'm wearing my special cowgirl-looking outfit. Do I look eleven yet? My dad gave me a cowgirl hat to match, for a birthday gift. It's really cool.

First my friend and I played games. We played hide and seek in my yard, and tag. Then we pushed each other on the tire swing. When we got tired and cold, we went inside, and ate homemade chili and cornbread. It was delicious. Next it was present opening time. Besides the cowgirl hat, I got some neat things. Brad gave me a sweatshirt from his school. It's sort of big on me, but I like it. My brother Charlie gave me socks with horses on them. Mischa and Alexis gave me a spy kit. Lanie gave me a neat book of ghost stories. Paige gave me an art kit. I got lots of other great gifts too.

Then mom brought out the cake and ice cream! The ice cream was French vanilla, and the cake was an apple cake with caramel frosting! It had eleven candles. I blew them all out, but I can't tell you what a wished for, or else it won't come true. Everyone loved the cake. As I said, my mom is an excellent cook. While we were eating, dad passed out our goody bags. We looked in the bags. They had lots of fun Halloween things in them, like ghost shaped erasers, little notepads with Halloween pictures on them, and candy. The funniest thing in the treat bags were fake mustaches! They are sticky on the back, and you can put them on your face! my friends and I tried them on. We looked so silly. It was funny!

Then, it was time for my friends to leave. After all, it was a school night. I was sorry to see them go. But the best part of my birthday is that Halloween is just around the corner, so there is lot's more fun to come!


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