Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How it went

Hey everyone!
This is sort of part 2 from my last post. Paige's mom has been busy, so Paige didn't talk to her until Monday. This is how it went (according to Paige). It contains some heavy stuff, just to warn you, in case you don't like reading this sort of thing. But I think it's worth reading...

Paige's mom was not happy about how Paige acted at the dinner party, and told her she needs to be more respectful toward Mr. Reese, because not only is an adult, but Paige's teacher. Paige said she was sorry, and she would try to be more respectful, but there were some things she wanted to talk about. She told her mom what was bothering her. About how she didn't want her family to change, and her worries about her real father. Paige's mom told her that no matter who come into their lives, her love for Paige would never change. She also threw in that she and Bill (Mr. Reese) have no plans to get married or anything, but if they did, Paige would be the first to know. Then she said that Paige doesn't have to worry about her father, because she and Paige's father are living separate lives. She said she would be glad if Paige's father chose to take an interest in his daughter and get in touch with Paige, but she has no interest in getting back together with him, and she's sure the feelings are mutual. It's the sad truth, but it's true.

She asked Paige if she wouldn't mind if she talked about what they were discussing with Bill. Paige asked why, and she said because he would understand what Paige is going through better than anyone. Paige shrugged and said she "guessed so."

So, the next day Mr. Reese (Bill) came over to visit, and asked Paige if he could talk with her, not as her teacher, but a friend. He told her about when he was Paige's age, and his parents got divorced. He told her how sad he and his little brother were, and how they wished their dad would just come back so they could feel like a real family again. He asked Paige if she ever felt that way too. She said she feels that way all the time. Mr. Reese said his dad wrote him and his little brother often at first, then he sent fewer letters, than none at all, and he hasn't heard from him since. Paige said her dad left when she was a baby, and she's never gotten a card or letter from him. She told him how she wishes she'd get even just a card from him every Christmas and Birthday, but one never comes. Bill told her he's sorry things turned out that way, but she is very lucky to have a mom who loves her so much. He promised her that even though he was dating her mom, it would never change she and Paige's relationship. Then he told her how his mom got remarried when he was thirteen, to a nice man. He told her how he eventually accepted his stepfather, and came to love him as if he were his real father. He said his stepfather was the missing piece to his family. He said although he and Paige's mom are not married, they do care for each other, and he hopes he and Paige could at least be friends.

"See," he said. "I do understand how you feel. And I'm here for you if you ever want to talk about things."

Paige asked him if he was mad about how she treated him at the dinner party.

"Nah," he said. "I would have done the same thing when I was your age. It's cool."

So, that's how it went. Things may not be completely solved, but I think Paige and Mr. Reese are off to a better start now.

Well, I better go start my homework. Mr. Reese gave us a fun homework assignment. We have to write a poem about Autumn. Also... tomorrow is my birthday! I can't believe another year has passed. Tomorrow will be a busy day. I'm having a party after school, and Brad is coming home to celebrate. I'll be sure to let everyone know how the party goes.



  1. Happy Birthday, Frankie!

    I'm glad that Paige was able to talk to her mom and Mr. Reese. It's always good to talk stuff out. I didn't like Mother dating Jess' dad at first (still don't really like it a whole lot), but I know it's good for Mother and he really cares about her and us.


  2. You know? It's good that Paige talked to her mom and Mr. Reese. I think Mr. Reese really cares about her.

    Oh poem?! Write about leaves, and pumpkins and...CANDIES! I love Halloween candies.