Sunday, October 2, 2011

I love Fall!

Hey everyone!
Yesterday when I stepped outside, it felt like Fall! I just love Fall. It's my favorite season, and October is my favorite month. It has that special feeling to it. I think it feels warm and cold at the same time. Cold, because the weather is cooling down, and Fall makes you think of spooky things like Halloween, but warm, because you finally get to use warm blankets, and everything feels cozy.

The leaves are starting to change, and everything looks so pretty. I love to hear the brown leaves crunch under my feet. When there are enough on the ground, I like to play in them. The air also smells just right, too. It smells crisp, and kind of smoky from people's chimneys. And the nights just feel like Halloween. Dark, with a bright moon in a clear sky, and chilly breezes shaking the bare tree branches. Perfect trick or treating weather.

And... October is also my birthday month! My birthday is October 13th... 11 more days to go!


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  1. Oh, you make fall sound and feel even more magical than it is! I love your description! It was quite cool last night and it rained. I hope that means fall has finally arrived here!