Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Showers...

Today, it is sleeting and raining. The sky looks like one big, gray cloud. At school, I sat at my desk, watching the fat raindrops hitting the pavement, and drizzling down the window panes. It looked like the window was crying. Paige poked me from the next desk so I would pay attention to Mrs. Applebaum, our teacher. I was anxious to get out of school today. On the way home, I saw some small, purple and white flowers poking out of the ground, sprinkled with raindrops. April Showers bring May flowers....

After school, I quickly put on my rain boots and jumped in a few puddles in our driveway. I like to jump in them, and watch them cloud up with mud. But my nose started to get cold from the misty air, so I went inside, and kicked off my boots in the hall. I watched cartoons for a while and ate a snack, listening to the rain hitting the roof.



  1. Salut, Frankie!
    Being from Lille, I have grown quite used to the rain. I have no other choice but to like it, though I'm dying for sunshine, too.
    I love jumping in puddles, too...or riding my bike through them.

  2. Hey Frankie,

    I can't wait until the flowers start appearing! I live out in the middle of nowhere and it's so pretty when everything starts to green up. That's probably what it is like at your place too.

    I can't wait under thunderstorm season starts. It's scary, but fun.


  3. We have been having rain/sleet/snow the last few days again at home .. spring flowers are so much fun to find .. they really make it seem like the weather is really turning nice soon ..