Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, Everyone!

Today is a very special day, to think about and celebrate the
wide, wonderful, wild world we live in!

What are you doing for Earth Day? In honor of this most auspicious day, I "planted" a digital tree. As you can see, it's an apple tree!

\() ()/ ()()0()()\()
()() () () () ()() ()()()
\/ ()0 ()\/ () ()/0 ()/ ()
()()\()()()()\/()()()() \/
() () 0()/ ()/()0()()
() ()()() ()

I also plan to do a few more simple things for the earth this year. There are so many things that even a kid like me can do for the planet! I can:

-Use less water. Try not to leave the water running when I brush my teeth.
-Turn the lights off when I am not in a room.
-Shut off the TV when I'm not watching it.
-Use both sides of my paper.
-Ask my teacher about starting a recycling program in my classroom or school.
-Put a bucket outside to collect rainwater in. I will use it for watering my garden or other plants.
-Always leave the outdoors neater than I found it.



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  1. Happy Earth Day, Frankie! Mother has a cow if we leave the water running while we brush our teeth or if we leave the TV on when no one is watching. She says it's because it wastes money. I think she is more concerned about saving money than the environment, lol. I love your 'tree'!