Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weekend House guests!

This past weekend was great! I've been meaning to write about it. My good friends, Mischa and Alexis Evans, came to stay the weekend with their family! I haven't seen them in a while. They are nine year old identical twins. Anyway, when they came, they looked adorable as usual:

This is them when they first arrived. Alexis is wearing red, Mischa is wearing purple. Their mom and my mom were roommates in college. When they started reminiscing about the good old days, we ran off to start our weekend of fun :) .

Mischa and Alexis have three siblings. Lenny, who is 14, Angie, who is 16, and Lydia who is 5. Lydia is mostly a pest, but she is adorable anyway. You know what is very interesting, though? My brother Charlie has a major crush on Angie. So, the logical way to start our weekend fun was to hide and spy on our older siblings. It's way funny. Charlie doesn't even act like himself around Angie. He blushes, and can't think of anything to say to her. They eventually caught us spying, so we went outside to play on my tire swing. We took turns pushing each other on the swing. For lunch, we had an indoor picnic because it was still windy and blustery out, but still very Springy.

That night, the three of us (and Lydia) settled down to watch a new movie on Disney Channel called Lemonade Mouth. It was really, really good. It was about five kids who meet in detention and start a band (called Lemonade Mouth). My favorite character was Olivia. The music was really good too. I thought it was very inspiring. Then it was time for bed, so we all raced upstairs. Mischa and Alexis bunked with me for the weekend. My room isn't the biggest, so it was rather crowded. They slept on the big air mattress on the floor. We pretended like we were camping in the woods.

The next day, we had waffles for breakfast, and then I...wait for it...had to go to my piano lesson anyway :(. That was sort of a drag, but I didn't mind too much because I'm really improving on my recital piece. I really am (I've kept my promise to practice an hour a day). Maybe someday I'll be famous like Lemonade Mouth? After I got back, we played for the rest of the day. We had to play with Lydia. She is the sort of little kid who hangs onto the big kids, but it feels good to be admired so. That night, Angie did our hair for us. Mischa and Alexis have cute hair. She made French braided pigtails. She tried to style mine the same, and the twins and I pretended like we were triplets! But my hair doesn't hold styles well. It's too slippery and sleek! So, the braids loosened up and fell out.

Sunday was fun too, but kind of bittersweet, because they were going home that afternoon. We all went to church together, then my mom and Mrs. Evans finally cornered us to look at their old college albums. It was a very long trip down memory lane. But some of their memories were funny to hear. Apparently, my mother was a prankster back in the day! Then, for the rest of the day, we walked my dog and watched movies, just doing lazy things to make the day last longer. And then, they went home. I can't wait until they come to visit again!



  1. Sounds like a blast! It's always fun to have company for a few days. Since everyone I know lives nearby no one ever stays over. Lydia sounds really cute and a lot more fun than my five-year-old sister!


  2. What a fun time! It's great that you were able to spend some time with your friends. Visits are fun. Great picture, too!

    The Green Girls

  3. Ooooohhhhh sounds like you had a ton of fun with your guests .. we love having guests here too .. right now we have one new sister and 9 foster girls living with us .. so we have all been busy ..

    Glad you enjoyed yourself ..

  4. It sounds like you girls had a great time. Everybody needs some time with their friends once in awhile. I love having guests visit, especially for dinner. The conversations never seem to grow stale.
    Bises! :)