Thursday, April 7, 2011

Piano Lessons

Every Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning, I have piano lessons with Ms. Basso. My mom thinks everyone should be educated in the arts, so my brothers took piano with Ms. Basso, and now the tradition has been passed on to me. We have a piano at home. It was my Mom's. Her father gave it to her for eighth birthday. Some of the keys stick, and the bottom is covered with marks from my brothers crashing their toy cars into it when they were little. But it is my Mom's prized possession. So, I've been taking piano since I was six. Sadly, I haven't improved much.

It finally stopped raining, and the sun is shining. Today after school, I headed to lessons. I found a long stick along the way, and a dragged it along the dirt road, dawdling my way to Ms. B's. When I got there, Beth was just leaving. Beth is my good friend, who also takes piano. She is truly talented at it. I waved to her. She waved back, and I let myself in.

Ms. Basso is an interesting lady. My brothers say she is eccentric. My Mom says she is gifted. She collects antique metronomes, and sometimes on my Saturday lesson, she eats a tuna sandwich. She was left at the alter by a postman fifteen years ago. She talks about it a lot. So, today I sat next to her on the piano bench.
She said; "Hello, Francesca. I trust you have been practicing?"
I nod my head. Ms. B. is the only person who calls me Francesca (besides my parents, when I'm in trouble). She's proper like that. She asked me to do my warm-ups, and I did.
" Wrists up, Francesca," she said. I lifted my wrists. After my warm-ups, I had to practice my latest piece. I have been practicing for a month now, but I still haven't mastered it. Ms. Basso says I am a sloppy player. As I pounded out the piece on the piano, my fingers began to sweat, and slid between two keys, pressing them both down at once. My neck burned red with embarrassment.
"Just keep going, dear." Ms. Basso said.
I did, and eventually finished the piece. Then I had to play it again. And Again. The last time I played it, the tune was actually close to what it should sound like. A personal best!
Ms. Basso seemed happy. "See now, if you'd just concentrate, Francesca. You could be my star pupil. I want you to practice this piece for no less than an hour a day at home."
"I will." I said.
She put a star sticker on my practice chart, and winked.

What is so special about this piece? I am playing it in Ms. Basso's Spring recital! When she asked me to be in the recital, Mom took me out and got me a special dress and everything. I picked the prettiest dress I could, thinking that if I have a really "wow" dress, my playing will sound better. Good thinking, right?

Here I am in my recital dress



  1. Cograts in getting asked for the spring recital! I know you'll do perfect. My piano teacher is pretty nice. She's not too picky if minor mistakes are made. She says the key is to have fun and not think of it as a chore.


  2. Salut, Frankie!
    I have been wanting to learn how to play the piano forever. It sounds fun.
    Congrats for being asked to do the recital! I'm sure you'll do fantastic. Your dress is very pretty. You look great in it.

  3. That dress is so pretty. I know you will do well in your recital :)